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Honey Drink

3 Simple Steps


1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

2 Tbsp Dark Raw Honey

1 cup of warm water


Heat a cup of water in your kettle or pan.

Shake the Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle.

While the water is heating, pour the Dark Honey 

and Apple Cider Vinegar in a tea/coffee cup.

Don't bring the water to a boil as the boiling water 

will destroy all the nutrients in the honey and vinegar.

Never use warm water from your tap as it contains 

heavy metals from your hot water heater.  

Always use cold tap water for this and other recipes.

From the Bee to Thee

This simple curative comes from our Apiary neighbor.  He has hives scattered throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains which produce some of the finest varieties of honey we've tasted.  That's saying something  because we used to keep bees in Florida and here at the Farm.

Numerous studies have shown that darker colored honey contains higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than lighter colored honey.   Search out dark honey.

Honey has extremely high antibacterial properties as well.  Apply it on minor cuts and burns as a topical for healing and moisturizing.

From prep to cup is 4 minutes total.